Hotels in Managua, How to improve the quality of customer service in our hotel?

As in almost every service, a hotel must try to seek excellence in customer service. This is because the main asset a hotel company has is its reputation and Managua Hotels are no exception.

Hotels in Managua

Because of the importance acquired social networks and opinion forums tourist Internet, and a vast majority of its customers live thousands of kilometers of the establishment, a hotel needs more than ever have an image and strong reputation, both offline and online, that supports all their strategies, hotels in Managua are no exception for such cause even if you think your business as administrator of the digital marketing is not important should reflect and analyze your customers and market, realize that you’re missing a golden opportunity by ignoring the digital marketing.

Countless studies shows that many of our potential customers make their decisions influenced by comments Internet discharges by previous guests of our hotel or directly ask for information about it to their friends or contacts in social networks

Many hotels in Managua small or medium sizes are managed and controlled by a single person who often is usually the owner or a relative of this, so sometimes we tend to forget that those responsible for implementing the new strategies of the hotel are the members of our staff. That is why they must be taken into account when changing or redirect existing policies.

The staff who work every day in the hotel must be sufficiently trained and motivated to perform their task with the best possible quality and efficiency; Hotels in Managua, have the advantage that their quality and people are working but not why we must guard down; In turn, hoteliers have to provide the necessary tools, providing adequate training and generate the most appropriate for their employees to provide quality customer service work environment.

A good reputation is achieved mainly paying special attention to the quality of customer service being offered

So this time we will see some tips to keep in mind to try to improve the quality of customer service provided by our hotel. To provide your understanding divide them into two groups: Client / Partner.

Hotels in Managua, what we consider to improve the quality of customer service in our hotel?

External clients

  1. Learn to listen to your customers

Listening to what your customers say the hotel is the most important in preventing future problems step and the best way you can resolve complaints or criticisms that present themselves as satisfactorily as possible.

  1. Ask the right questions

You should ask your guests what you can do your hotel to help them better enjoy their stay. This is a simple way to get valuable information that will help us to tailor our services.

  1. Monitors social networks

Be attentive to what is spoken of your hotel in the various tourism forums and especially on social networks, it is necessary to clear the doubts of your potential customers or solve any problems that may have generated criticism from your previous guests.

  1. Take criticism as an opportunity

See all complaints about hotel service as an opportunity for improvement. You should always aim, answer and resolve any complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Fosters brand ambassadors

Developing campaigns and strategies on social networks or on-site aimed at loyalty to your customers.

Contributors (hotel employees)

  1. It generates a good working environment

Establishes a proper working environment, pay your employees competitive wages and recognizes their achievements and contributions.

  1. Promotes teamwork

Make sure your staff feel integrated into the team and they see as his effort is important to meet business objectives.

  1. Professionally trained

Those responsible for meeting the needs of guests should have the right to provide a quality service professional knowledge.

  1. Provide the necessary tools

Where possible, staff should not lack the tools necessary to efficiently perform its function, or the latest technological advances that facilitate personalized attention guests.

  1. You have meetings regularly

Have weekly staff meetings, where they discuss the quality of service being provided, it will help you obtain valuable data and redirect what this failing.

  1. “Leads by example”

It shows interest in the tasks they perform all persons within the hotel and have things regularly to improve your workplace. Also hear what they have to say your clients, to promote policies aimed not only to improve the business performance of the hotel, but also to meet the needs of your current or potential guests.

A hotel that has a trained workforce and who can listen to their community, to guide their policies seeking to improve the quality of customer service, you will always enjoy a good reputation that will be directly and indirectly reflected in their business performance.

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