Nicaragua as one of the best tourist spots in the world according to Huffington Post

According to a lengthy article middle Huffington Post US, Nicaragua is one of the most attractive sites of tourism, pointing out 13 key points of why our country is a paradise for Americans and the rest of the planet.

The author of the letter begins by noting that Central America is something that despite having so close, can go unnoticed for many Americans, looking for popular places in Europe for vacations, indicating that this may be a big mistake after learning the beauty, warmth and outdoor activities offered by this part of the world.

Similarly, explains clearly that Nicaragua stands out above the rest of Central America (not to minus), pointing that the city of Granada, named by some tourism experts as the “Paris of Central America” and making the country in a “primordial” for any international tourist destination.

The author also lists 13 main reasons to visit our beautiful country, which he makes it look so calm, and so relaxing with plenty of nature, strolling through Nicaragua is like “rocking in a hammock.” Here’s why:

– Has one of the oldest cities in America

Here mention the mythical and always attractive Granada, founded in the 1500’s and maintains the colonial charm as well as being close to a volcano.

– Always have other cities dream

This section states that according to the magazine Lonely Planet: “Many people fall in love with Granada, but leave his heart in Leon” referring to museums, churches and other beauties of the campus.

– Nature is uninterrupted

Almost one fifth of the country’s land protected as national parks or nature reserves, which means that there are many volcanoes, tropical forests, beaches and islands to explore.

– Lots of volcanoes to climb

Making major emphasis Volcano Conception in Ometepe Island, which is still active, and taking 7-10 hours to climb the colossus.

– Sandboarding in volcanoes

He was surprised to practice this sport, for those who dare to do so.

– “The adventure capital of the universe”

If you are not climbing a volcano or going on a path in a tropical forest, you prune to be in Canyon Somoto. The adventure is endless.

– There are islands where there were pirates

Corn Island was a haven for pirates and buccaneers in the seventeenth century. Today it is one of the most beautiful beaches that the country possesses one of the most attractive global tariffs.

– There are more islands even more curious stories

Solentiname Islands, the set of 36 islands largest lake in Central America, which have a unique style of art.

– The food tastes as well as seen

Fresh sea food, rice, bananas, meat, fried food … See all meals can take weeks.

– Coffee is subtle and sweet

The coffee plantations have nothing to envy to the rest of Latin America, keeping the warmth of the farmers who harvested.

– The beaches can be a big party

San Juan del Sur, a city on the edge of one of the most attractive and popular beaches in the country, offers activities such as fishing, surfing, yoga and a lot of bars to visit.

– Sometimes you can become the only human on one of the beaches

The Pearl Cays is a treasure of nature, where marine species can be spotted living together in a single show.

– You can disconnect from the world

With the variety of hotels and reservations outdoors, any tourist can unwind and relax in one of the top destinations worldwide.

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