Port Salvador Allende in Managua

Port Salvador AllendeThe Port Salvador Allende is a place visited by national and foreign tourists who enjoy this healthy entertainment space to spend a pleasant time with family and friends, with the shelter offered by the Tourist Police officers

Playgrounds, kiosks where meals and various beverages, restaurant and the opportunity offered for enrumbarse on board a boat ride on Lake Xolotlán, are part of the attractions of this destination in our capital.

Port Salvador Allende, enjoy a safe environment

Thursday through Sunday are the busiest days for domestic and foreign visitors to this destination and the priority sites in the tourist circuit of the capital.

Evelyn Aguilar frequently visit the Port and acknowledges that it is “good safe, quiet, you take landscape photos all with ease.”

Oswaldo Ochoa, accompanied by his wife and daughter traveled from Matagalpa to “enjoy some family time,” he says look here fail because “it is an opportunity for children to come and have fun.”

In the company of friends, we found the Salvadoran Marielos Pleitez, who says that the destination is “spectacular.”

“It’s a nice place to come with the family, plus I think the police are doing a very good job here, giving the necessary security, tourists are very well here,” said Pleitez.

“If you want something that is very important, the police presence in Port Salvador Allende guarantee that is the tourist center of the country with greater security, that is, here we have never seen a problem of slashing carriage, here index I would say that crime is almost nil, then people come surely come pouring into this place, “said Yader Child, owner of the restaurant Los Maderos.

As explained by the Deputy Urbina Zapata, in this location, they have recorded crimes, “we have no alterations, for security we have no problems, families come to enjoy both the Port Salvador Allende, as in other circuits and for there we will have problems of insecurity, “he concluded.

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