Vanderbilt Hotel Managua

Vanderbilt Hotel Managua

Vanderbilt Hotel Managua is a family business founded by Arch. Victor and Dr. Third Talavera. Alina Gomez Cuevas with his sons Victor Gustavo, Maria Gabriela and Rodrigo Tercero. Vanderbilt Hotel in Managua offer visitors of our beloved Nicaragua, the Nicaraguan experience traditional hospitality in a clean, quiet and friendly atmosphere.

With the name of Casa Hotel Vanderbilt, we wanted to highlight an extraordinary period of our history of the nineteenth century where Nicaragua was known internationally for being the route of oceanic traffic driven by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt between 1851 and 1868, connecting New York to California, across the Rio San Juan and Lake Nicaragua, during the gold rush.

Among other things we offer reproductions of original drawings published in newspapers of the time, on the route of Vanderbilt and interesting history of Nicaragua during that period, part of the hotel decor.

Vanderbilt Hotel Managua, your choice for a budget hotel in Managua

In Vanderbilt Hotel Managua it is your best choice of three star hotel in the city of Managua. It is a budget hotel that provides an optimal environment for executives, athletes, families and groups. It has friendly staff and facilities to ensure rest and relaxation.

For a comfortable and affordable hotel near the center of the city of Managua, Nicaragua look no further, we hope in the Vanderbilt Hotel !!

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